Functions Of An Interview

I believe that an interview is a social encounter between two or more individuals with words as the main medium of exchange. The interviewer needs to be clear about the purpose of the exchange to ensure that the time is used to give and obtain information that is relevant and revealing.

By meeting candidates face to face provides the best opportunity for gathering information about their skills and experience and ultimately matching the right person to the job and to the organization.

It provides the vehicle which allows one individual to express views and opinions to the other in a structured way.

Remember that our purpose is not only to evaluate candidates but also to describe the job accurately. We will also need to represent our organization in the best light possible to attract good quality candidates.

On the surface interviews provide a meeting place for managers to pose questions directly to candidates, it is also a chance to test the cut of their jib and see if they are up to the job.

In my point of view there are four functions that an interview can perform:-

  • It helps in judging whether the candidates are likely to fit in with the existing staff, the team and the organisations’s values. The best of a candidate is seen from the early stages of the interview. Eg – Strength of the handshake, Making eye contacts, Mannerisms etc
  • It helps in assessing candidates potential for future performance.
  • It also helps candidates to get all the required information pertaining to the line of work. This enables them to judge if the job is right for them.
  • The most important reason is to allow the employer and candidates to meet each other thereby providing a forum and exchange of information

Source by Amit Bhagria