Hire Me! Secrets of Job Interviewing, 3rd Edition

I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia Noel Drain at an event she held in Montana a few months ago. I and the others in the group spent two days with Patricia discussing business ideas and strategies for growing our businesses. During the event, I won a copy of her book “Hire Me! Secrets of Job Interviewing” (3rd Edition) in one of the drawings that were held throughout the two days. I was happy to add another autographed book to my collection, and have now worked it into my reading schedule. It is a good little book on job interviewing tips.

It is a short book, and one that you can read in very little time. However, it still contains some gems of wisdom, tips, and practical advice for those looking for a job and going through the interview process. There are other books that delve into this topic in much greater detail, and for some that will be needed. For others, who don’t have the time to read a longer text, because maybe they need advice right now before tomorrow’s interview, or for those that have a good grasp on interviewing skills, but want a quick motivational read to brush up on some of the key points of interviewing, this book may be just what you are looking for.

The book has what Patricia calls, “The 10 Secrets to Successful Interviewing.” The “Secrets” are basic, but the basics are what lead to success. I do believe the topics she covers with these “Secrets” will assist you with interviewing. She provides a good reminder that your resume’s job is to get you the interview, how to dress, to watch your body language, make good first and last impressions, fill out company applications, know your interviewing numbers, how to answer interview questions, the purpose of an interview, and to pay attention to second interviews because they are as important as the first. (If not more)

Again, this book is basic and short. I’d suggest reading it and if you need more advice on interviewing, to also read a longer text on the topic, there are many out there. However, if you just want or need a quick primer on job interviewing, this is a good little book. I think one of the most important things Patricia suggests in this book is to practice before your interview. Practice answering questions so when the time comes, you can answer them confidently. You can use the model answers in this book to help form your own. The book ends with an old tale that I’ve heard before, but its lesson is still very true, the answer is in your hands, so use this book to help you get the job you want.

Source by Alain Burrese