Interview Like a Rockstar

Tips on how to be a rock star in an interview

After interviewing several retail and grocery store managers about their hiring experiences, many common themes emerged in regards to the interview process. Several managers expressed disappointment in the interviewing skills among candidates seeking entry-level positions. After gathering their concerns and compiling a list, I decided to share some tips on how to interview like a rock star and get the job. Here are some important tips to follow:

Research the company. Google the company and know its history, how large it is, what products the company focuses on. If you know someone who works at the company, ask them about it. Be informed! Having knowledge of the company will impress the interviewer because it shows you took the time to do your homework.

Outward Appearance. Make sure you are dressed in a professional manner. One manager told me he has seen interviewees wear T-shirts with holes in it, dirty clothes, and inappropriate revealing clothes. Stand out by not wearing: sagging pants, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, revealing tops or short skirts, flip-flops or sneakers. For the interview, make sure you are dressed in an outfit that your grandmother would like to see you in, or you might wear to very nice wedding. You want to make a good first impression and how you are dressed, will make its impact within seconds.

Chewing gum or eating candy during the interview is not an option. First, this is rude. Second, eating interferes with talking and is very distracting.

Keep the cell phone hidden and shut it off before the interview. Never look at your phone while in the presence of the interviewer. If you do, you are sending a nonverbal message that the phone is more important than the interview. Do not turn the phone back on until you are finished with the interview and out of sight of the interviewer. Hiring managers say they have had interviewees respond to texts during the interview and find this disrespectful and unacceptable.

Shake hands with the interviewer when you first meet him or her. A firm handshake and eye contact show a strong sense of confidence. This is very important because hiring managers are looking to see how you act.

Thank you – Always say thank you when the interview is over. Also, send a post interview thank you via email reaffirming your interest in the job.

Ask questions. If you have done your research, most likely you will have questions. Ask about the hours, days available to work, and training.

Resume – Bring a paper copy of your resume. It shows you are prepared. Offer the interviewer your copy. You want them to remember you and recall that you were prepared.

Following these ROCK STAR tips will give you an advantage over others that are unprepared. Remember, you never have a second chance to make a first impression, so you want to impress the interviewer and have him/her offer you the job.

Source by Maria Minor