The Application Letter Structure

Application letter plays a vital role in applying for a job in every company. Thought the resume is the last resort for further evaluation, application letter serves as the springboard for the Personnel Officer or the HR head in charge of evaluating applicants data to be stimulated to go within the resume. This application letter should be well organized, because if it’s not, your resume will no longer be seen and surely it will go to the trash bin because the company is not keeping any document with out value or if the officers are courteous enough, they will send it back to you.

Application is not an ordinary letter. It should be written with careful attention on the details and the format as well. This letter is to be read by people within the company who’s eying for the best applicant to be hired. Thus, organization and of the presented data should be taken into extra-ordinary consideration. You have to watch your subject and verb agreement and the modifiers used.

Application is considered a business letter. Therefore, it is advisable that you follow the “block” type of letter. The date, the name and position of the person addressed for the letter should all be written on the left side of typewriting pad or bond paper (8.5″ x 11″). Do not put “Subject:” because this is only used in making reports.

You can start your letter with “Sir/Madam:”, but if you know the gender of the Officer your may remove the other one. The punctuation colon indicates that the letter is a formal letter. On your first paragraph, you state who you are, your educational attainment, the name of the school where you graduated and the date of your graduation. I would like to reiterate that this is for newly grads only, but of course you may follow the format if you like.

On the second paragraph, you should state where you got the information that their company is in need of additional employee and that you qualified for the position. You can use also this information as the introduction of your letter. Yes it is. You can interchange both the information about yourself and this one. But both should not be placed on the third or fourth paragraph.

On the third paragraph, you should state that your knowledge and skills is suited for the duties and responsibilities of the position. As much as possible, elaborate some of your experiences during college days or on your work experience of if you have that you are really fitted for the job and that you are willing to be called up for an interviewed for further evaluation.

Search job vacancies online and send this application letter. Happy job hunting.

Source by Gino Lipata