The Biggest Mistake You Can Make on a Interview!

As a medical recruiter, I can tell you, it happens time and time again, candidates lose a job opportunity not because of their lack of experience or connections, but for a very avoidable reason, they do not bring their resume to the interview. Just yesterday, we had two of our candidates interviewing for a surgical sales position knocked out of the running for the position for not bringing their resume! I am going to highlight the top 5 reasons why you must bring your resume to every interview!

1. Preparation for the interview

2. Showing business acumen

3. Organizational skills

4. Always a starting point for the interview

5. Highlights information such as awards and accomplishments

These day people are discovering job opportunities and applying to positions on-line so they often do not have hard copies of their resume readily available. This may be one reason for so many people are not bringing paper copies of their resume to interviews. However this is a big mistake, the first thing a candidate should do when they have an interview lined up is prepare for the interview.

One of the first steps in preparing for the interview is to make sure your resume is printed on a nice quality paper. Also a way to demonstrate you are prepared is to bring a few copies with you in case another manager or employee unexpectedly joins the interview.

Interviews are designed to show the hiring manager your work skills, personality traits and basic interview acumen. Using good business sense helps candidates move on in the interview process. Just like being on time and wearing an appropriate outfit, it is well known you always bring a resume to the interview! So failing to follow this basic rule can set a low tone for the interview that you cannot recover from. Show good business sense and bring a few resumes.

Workplace efficiency is a top priority for all organizations and being organized is one of the leading skills to look for in work efficiency. Because of this no hiring manager is interested in a disorganized employee. Showing up to an interview without a resume can leave the impression a candidate is disorganized.

Probably the most common way an interview begins is the hiring manager or human resource person asks to go over your resume. If you have not brought your resume you have started the interview off on the wrong foot. The first question a well prepared candidate asks is, “Do you need a copy of my resume?” This gets the interview rolling and right away sets a good tone for the interview.

Everyone knows that a resume is important to get the interview, but it is also a way to highlight your strengths during the interview. When the interviewer is going over your resume, they are walking through your jobs, dates of employment and asking about why you left positions. A very important aspect of your resume is your awards and accomplishments. If you do not bring your resume this is topic that may be overlooked, while the hiring manager is asking other routine interview questions. So bring your resume and point the hiring manager in the direction of your greatest successes.

After reading these top reasons to bring your resume, assure your success in the interview and do not forget to bring your resume!

Source by Lisa M Manley