The Top 10 Things You Must Do During a Job Interview

Here are the top things you must do to improve your chances at a job interview.

1. Treat everyone from the receptionist upwards with the same respect as you would the job interviewer. It is amazing how often an interviewer will look for feedback from other people within the organisation that the interviewee may have met.

2. Shake the interviewers hand firmly. It shows confidence. Self-confidence is of course a trait that create a good first impression.

3. Look the interviewer in the eye. Eye contact should average about 60%. This is the natural level where people feel comfortable.

4. Build rapport with the job interviewer. There is often an opportunity before you formally start the interview where there is time for ‘small talk’ which relaxes both parties.

5. Make sure your posture says you are confident but not over bearing. If you slouch in the chair practice sitting more upright. It projects an image of self-confidence.

6. Mirror the interviewer’s body language. This is quite difficult to do. But for example if the interviewer has their legs crossed or perhaps leaning forward then try to mirror this. This will create a feeling of empathy in the interviewer’s subconscious mind.

7. Display enthusiasm for the job. Even if the interview is not going well continue to be upbeat and positive. You may be getting a negative vibe but this may just be the interviewer’s style. All the candidates may feel the same. Never give up on your chances.

8. Make sure you deliver as many examples of the benefits you bring to the company as possible. The job interviewer is looking to hear benefits. They can read from your resume that you have certain skills, knowledge and experience. But what are the benefits that you offer? If the interviewer has not asked about the benefits then make sure you tell them about what you can do for the company.

9. Ask questions at the end of the interview. It is crucial to continue showing interest in the job by asking relevant questions. Make sure the questions are not obvious, could easily be found out with a little research or on a topic already discussed.

10. Close the interview by making sure the interviewer knows you are keen to take the job.

I hope you found the above list useful to your job hunting. There are plenty of other free articles and invaluable advice available on this site.

Source by Barry Golds