Using Inflection and Intonation at Your Job Interview

Interviewers spend a lot of time interviewing applicants. It can be very boring for an interviewer when each of the applicants are saying basically the same thing. To separate yourself from the crowd, examine the tone of your voice. Your voice is an extremely powerful tool for conveying certain emotions.To come across as an intriguing and confident candidate, follow these rules:

1. Add some inflection to your words.

Professional actors often speak about using ‘light and shade’ in their tone. On occasion, heighten the tone of your voice and quicken the pace to show enthusiasm and excitement about a particular topic. Speak in a lower tone or slow down to convey seriousness.

2. Place emphasis on key words.

Say key words with a little extra volume to make them stand out. This technique is equivalent to typing important words in a bold typeface. You have certain central ideas you want to convey about yourself. Highlighting key words and ideas with your voice is great way to achieve this.

3. Speak your words carefully.

If your ability to properly pronounce words is in question, ask some colleagues for their opinion. It is best that you don’t ask friends, as they are too accustomed to your pronunciations to give you honest feedback.

4. Consider adding pauses between sentences.

Keep in mind that breaks appear at the end of sentences. You don’t want your sentences to run together. Using proper inflection and intonation can prove to be difficult. The ideal way to hear if you sound okay is to make a recording of yourself say the interview answers out loud.

Source by Ryan Russell